Daunted by the difficulties in finding that perfect wedding photographer for the wedding pictures of your dreams?

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Dear Bride To Be,

The most important day of your life is fast approaching and you may be struggling to find a photographer to take your wedding pictures.

Hiring a wedding photographer can be scary.. and REALLY expensive.>

I should know and have seen some real seen some real horror stories which include these as just a few examples and Do not let any of these happen to YOU:-

Disasters with wedding pictures happen all the time because couples do not take the required care and preparation regarding their wedding photography.

Your wedding pictures record the most special and important day of your life capturing the unique atmosphere of the special day and events that you are unaware of because you are so caught up in all the proceedings of the day so therefore you must give your wedding photography the care and preparation it needs as after the day is over there isn’t an opportunity for retakes .....but you do not have to pay a fortune either.

If you would like to:

  1. Select a wedding photographer in the SMARTEST, most efficient way!

  2. Save thousands by avoiding on unnecessary markups and common bride-targeting rip offs!

  3. Be baffled with your amazing wedding photographs!

  4. Have a Wedding Photo Album filled with perfect wedding photos that are equal to the celebrity wedding picturesyou see in the glossy magazines!

  5. No longer worry about the wedding photography and concentrate on planning the other events of your wedding with your wedding event planner!

  6. Have a dedicated trusted professional photographer to take care of your wedding photo ideas and wedding photo list while you enjoy the big day!

  7. Not have any embarrassing wedding pictures as you will know beforehand that your photographer's creative wedding photography skills will only have you all looking your absolute best!

  8. Be savvy with wedding photography prices!

  9. Confidently discuss any aspect of the wedding photography with your wedding photographer from wedding photo albums to wedding cake pictures!

  10. You can even develop an insightinto wedding photography techniques!

  11. Have the very best wedding photos that will provide a lifetime of cherished memories!

Then Read On ...


This is NOT a photographer or photography siteI am here to help you GET SAVVY and SMART when hiring your wedding photographer for your big wedding day so that you get PERFECT, AFFORDABLE WEDDING PICTURES!

No one else is teaching this and YOU NEED TO KNOW THIS STUFF.

I feel obliged to make you aware of what to look out for in the wedding photographer industry as it is literally a shark infested water littered with scams and incompetent photographers who just do not have the skills to do the job as wedding photographers.

Also as a photographer I am fully aware that wedding photography is a very lucrative business that may attract individuals who are not highly skilled photographers specialized to take wedding pictures but scamsters out to make a quick buck because as a soon to be married couple you are vulnerable to inflated price tags set generally by all parties involved in the wedding industry .

From my experience I have seen there are very talented photographers who have their work exhibited who would not touch wedding photography because of the pressures involved yet there photographers with the fraction of talent who see this lucrative money making opportunity but because they have the boldness to take that chance end up selling their services to the unsuspecting soon to be wedded couples.

I want to do my very best to make sure you have the wisdom to be able to avoid the money making opportunists that are only after YOUR money that do not have the required skills and they cannot guarantee delivery of your wedding pictures that are to the standard of excellence that you pay in advance for promptly after your wedding day .There have been many brides still chasing their wedding pictures six months after their wedding day where the photographer avoids and doesn’t return calls or emails and when she eventually gets her wedding photographs they are not to the required standard.

You have landed on the right website which will provide you with everything you need to know to ensure that you do get a highly skilled photographer with the required credentials that you and your hard earned money deserves.

First of all a wedding photographer is a specialist. He/She is a specialist in photographing weddings, they can handle the pressure as there is not a second chance to re-shoot and they can do the job without getting in the way of the proceedings.

They also have the communication skills and personality to direct group shots without taking over the event and upsetting everyone present.Think about it for a moment, when viewing your wedding pictures after the event, if you see a shot that was not correctly exposed do you say to your husband we have to repeat our vows because the photographer got it wrong?

The answer to that is no, the wedding photographer has to get it right first time every time unlike the sports photographer who has her camera mounted on a monopod and the motordrive is rattling through thousands of frames through the whole event and law of averages dictates that there will be a couple out of the few thousand shot that can be used for the main sports page of a newspaper.

Don’t get me wrong Sports Photography is a skilled discipline as there is forward planning and anticipation involved but by know you get my point a wedding photographer and a sports photographer are both photographers but they are different specialities.

A Sports Photographer probably would never shoot a wedding.To re-enforce this point take a still life photographer assigned to shoot pictures of a new breakfast cereal for an advertising campaign ,well that photographer can keep shooting until they have the best shot that can be used and I am sure this same photographer would be terrified of photographing a wedding as the commissioned photographer due to the aforementioned pressures involved which again are right first time very time.

So please bear that last few paragraphs in mind when making your wedding photography decisions, now you know why you must not hire any of your friends of relatives as the official photographer for your wedding just because they own a camera but you would not believe the amount of people who do just that.

It’s time to stop going through the list of everyone you know that may have won a camera club competition and start getting serious on hiring your wedding photographer as you may have already learnt failure to do so is most likely to end in disappointing if any wedding photographs at all and your wedding photographs are the only recording of the biggest and what should be the happiest day of your life so please you must take your wedding photography planning seriously from this point onwards.

So far hiring a wedding photography may have sounded like doom and gloom but it certainly does not have to be this way if you continue to read on.

It is quite easily possible to find a highly skilled and creative wedding photographer anywhere in the United States, Canada, UK, Europe, Australia and regardless of where you live in the world and a photographer can be arranged for any location you desire to get married … even if you are considering a beach wedding.

To remove the stress and worry involved in getting the wedding pictures you want on your wedding day you need to know how to hire a professional wedding photographer. ...

You will learn how to easily find a professional wedding photographer which will save you time and money

How to Get Creative Fantasy Wedding Pictures

You will learn how to track a creative wedding photographer with the skills to make you look like a fairy tale wedding princess or a Hollywood A list Celebrity

How to Evaluate a Photographer

You will know the questions to ask that will help you determine whether your photographer is up to the task in seconds. You will be wise to the fact that not every photographer will know how to take great wedding pictures.

How your photographer will capture the emotion and atmosphere of your wedding day

You will be able to easily identify a creative wedding photographer that can reproduce that atmosphere and emotions of your wedding day in each and every picture.

How to be sure they are charging a fair price

You will be able to maximize YOUR value for money and be absolutely sure you are not getting ripped off

How to ensure the wedding photographer's commitment to you

You will feel confident your wedding photographer cares about your wedding day and not treating you as a number.

You will quickly gain valuable knowledge and be totally confident in selecting the best photographer for YOUR wedding as in a very short time you will become astute to the wedding photography industry……no longer will you fear like you are swimming in shark infested waters...

Obtain The Knowledge and Skills You Need Very Quickly!

Your wedding preparations are already taking up most if not all of your spare time to the point of being like a second full time job so you need to be fully proficient in knowing who is right without it becoming a time exhaustive task.

How to Budget for Pictures

How to make sure you have correctly budgeted for your photography in your wedding preparations

Determine the photographer’s style

Reportage, Photojournalistic or Traditional are amongst the genres

Confidently interview any prospective photographer and immediately be able to evaluate their personality and if their technical skills are right for your wedding.

You need to know how your wedding photographer will handle the pressure of the job, not get in the way of the proceedings and not be rude to family and guests present or even yourselves.

Ways to cut costs

You can still get the best photographer in town even if you are on a tight budget

You do not need to become an expert in wedding photography yourself to know how to hire a wedding photographer.

However a little photography knowledge do you no harm and you get an insight into camera equipment and wedding photography techniques .You will get to tell a good photographer from the equipment they use and their interaction with their equipment.

How to overcome any indecision you feel on selecting a wedding photographer

Things to watch out before you sign the contract

You must have a contract and you must never enter into any verbal agreements .You will be sure to get the photographer you request turning up on the day after you have handed over the payment in advance of your wedding.

The above and much more is revealed in my How to Hire a Professional Wedding Photographer E-book which will guide you to getting the best wedding pictures that make you look a million dollars without having to spend a million dollars and you will be 100% confident in selecting the best wedding photographer for the biggest day of your life without the fear of things going wrong!

You could have all the answers to your wedding photography problems within seconds...

By reading through this website getweddingpictures.com you will be avoiding heartache that may include such things as scams, incomptetent photographers ruining your wedding pictures, being overcharged and the wedding photographer you hired simply not showing because some other couple offered him/her more money to shoot their wedding.There will be no chasing wedding studios six months after your wedding day to get your wedding pictures.

You are about to discover exactly how to:


There are only photography and wedding photography sites only selling their products and services NOT the information you require to get savvy and smart so you get the PERFECT, AFFORDABLE Wedding Pictures you deserve.

I will make sure that you are getting the information you need to know so you are getting the very best deal on your wedding photography

I have no association with any wedding photographers or offering my services as a wedding photographer so you will know that you are getting completely unbiased impartial information that is the real deal.

All of this is covered inside "The How To Hire A Professional Wedding Photographer" throughout the pages on this website.

You deserve to have the best wedding photography to capture the emotion and excitement of your wedding day so take action today by reading through the chapters of the guide on this website listed in the contents below..

Learn How To Hire A Professional Wedding Photographer

How To Hire A Professional Wedding Photographer - Congratulations On Your Upcoming Wedding

You maybe asking yourself Why hire a Professional Wedding Photographer?

First and foremost you must never put trust in a friend or relative to perform the wedding photography, the exception being unless that person is a wedding photgrapher themselves.

On this website you will learn that wedding photography can only be trusted to a professional photographer whose speciality is shooting weddings, this you must budget for accordingly.

You have to ascertain you are getting the right person for the job on your big day as this person as to get the pictures right first time every time - as you must appreciate there will be never be an opportunity for a reshoot on the day. Can the photographer you entrust to take your wedding pictures handle this pressure?

What you need to know about hiring a professional wedding photographer is presented throughout this site in the following chapters.It is essential you read through this information covering topics from the reasons why you must hire a professional wedding photographer throught to budgeting and agreeing the contract with your chosen wedding photographer.

You may need to contact several wedding photographers interviewing them to evaluate them and their previous work before deciding if this photographer can take the pictures you want at the right price. You should also be able to evaluate their work to date and any testimonials for previous clients.

It is essential as there are many horror stories about people whose weddings have been ruined because the photographer was not up to the job or even worse didn't show on the day. Be sure this doesn't happen to you and there are many photographers out there who are simply awesome - make sure you hire one of them!

How To Hire A Professional Wedding Photographer - Contents

  1. Congratulations On Your Upcoming Wedding
  2. How Much To Budget For Wedding Pictures?
  3. How To Find Prospective Wedding Photographers
  4. Establishing Initial Phone Contact With Photographers
  5. Conducting In Person Interviews With Photographers
  6. Ways To Cut Costs On Your Wedding Photography
  7. What to Do When You Can't Decide on a Photographer
  8. Things to Watch Out For Before Signing the Contract
  9. Now You Have Chosen Your Wedding Photographer/Conclusion
  10. Appendix - Wedding Pictures-Sample Wedding Photo List